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Hamsi Singer

Hamsi Singer

You can send all informations (Artist,Title,Album,Cover,Lyrics,Rating...) that you listening songs to Kopete. Hamsi Singer is extention for amarok 2.x and Kopete(KDE4).

English language added to V0.4 of Hamsi Singer.

French language added to 0.9.01 of Hamsi Singer.Translated by Jeremy Meunier.Thank you Jeremy Meunier.

Şimdi Ne Mi Söylüyor? added to V0.5 of Hamsi Singer.

"Şimdi Ne Mi DinliyoruM?" is old name of Hamsi Manager.V0.8.1 is lastest version of "Şimdi Ne Mi DinliyoruM?".Project name changed in V0.8.50.

Features :

  • Show Album Cover In Avatar
  • Show Atrist Name
  • Show Soung Title
  • Show Album Name
  • Show Album Artist Name
  • Show Rating
  • Show Soung`s Current Time
  • Show Path Of Soung Cover
  • Show Soung`s Year
  • Show Soung Lenght
  • Show Path Of Soung File
  • Show Track No
  • Show Soung`s Genre
  • Show Soung`s Comment
  • ******* Show Soung`s Lyrics ********
  • Show Soung`s BitRate
  • Show Soung`s SampleRate

System Requirements :

Source Codes and Other Files

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Hamsi Cover

Hamsi Cover

Hamsi Cover is extention for amarok 2.x.Your soung`s album cover copy to soung`s directory.This action is making on soung changing and click to 'Make icon to soung`s directory' named button.This button in menu of Tools.This extention configuring with 'Configure Hamsi Cover' button in menu of Settings.

English language added to V0.2 of Hamsi Cover.

French language added to V0.6 of Hamsi Cover.Translated by Paul Forget.Thank you Paul Forget.

Czech language added to 0.8.70 of Hamsi Cover.Translated by Tomáš Hejátko.Thank you Tomáš Hejátko.

"Dizin SimgeM" is old name of Hamsi Cover.V0.8.2 is lastest version of "Dizin SimgeM".Project name changed in V0.8.50.

It basically does the following:

  • Automatic run on when song changed. (You selected seconds later)
  • Icon automatically creates (you wanted name) , and corrects all incorrect characters
  • You can copying cover to directory of album or only use a link of cover.
  • You can set permission, owner and group of file that will be created.

System Requirements :

Source Codes and Other Files

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