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Job Model


  • JobModel



Optional actionKey

actionKey: string

action key to do

Optional collections

collections: Array<string>

collections to process

Optional created

created: firebase.default.firestore.Timestamp

created date

Optional createdBy

createdBy: string

who is want to create this job?

Optional cultureCodes

cultureCodes: Array<string>

cultureCodes to process

Optional customData

customData: any

custom data for job

Optional duration

duration: number

duration as seconds

Optional finished

finished: firebase.default.firestore.Timestamp

finished date

Optional id

id: string

id of record

Optional isSucceed

isSucceed: boolean

is succeed?

Optional limit

limit: number

limit to get documents

Optional overwrite

overwrite: boolean

do you want to overwrite current data

Optional result

result: any

result of action

Optional started

started: firebase.default.firestore.Timestamp

started date

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