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super-firebase-angular functions documentation

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All-In-One firebase and angular project.

Install global dependencies

npm run install:dependencies:global

Install dependencies

npm run install:dependencies


With "ng serve" (default i18n - en) - http://localhost:4200/

npm run start

With "firebase serve" (i18n support - en, tr) - http://localhost:5000/

npm run serve:i18n

Extract i18n Translation File

npm run extract:i18n

Check Bundle Stats

npm run stats

Unit Test - Karma

npm run test

Protractor Test - e2e

npm run e2e


Build files and deploy to Firebase Hosting (Includes all of firebase rules, indexed etc.)

Deploy to Beta Environment

npm run deploy:beta

Deploy to Prod Environment

npm run deploy:prod

Angular CLI

get more info angular-cli/wiki

ng generate angular-cli/wiki/generate

stories angular-cli/wiki/stories


  • Fork this repository to your GitHub account
  • Clone the forked repository
  • Create your feature branch
  • Commit your changes
  • Push to the remote branch
  • Open a Pull Request



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